Intergalactic Marines (pack of 10 figures)


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Genus: Homo

Species: Homo Maioris

32mm Scale (10 figures)

These are elite troopers of the far future, cruel and cold hearted. They are the instruments of Sardar Khan’s oppressive regime. Their appearance is designed to intimidate and frighten. They are mobile, aggressive and highly skilled killing machines.

They represent Empire Earth and are in the service of despotic dictator Sardar Khan. They fight against innumerable foes from innumerable galaxies. Not least against the rebel Elite (Homo Dominus) expelled from Earth by Sardar Khan.

The Intergalactic Marines of the Light Brigade are fast and agile. Their body armour offers good protection, but is lightweight, and does not inhibit their mobility. Their role is fast deployment to hold strategic points awaiting the arrival of the more strongly armoured and equipped Heavy Brigade.

9 in stock


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