Witch King


Raised by Mangere from his stone tomb The Witch King is released to seek sadistic revenge on the living.

Pre-dating the blood lines of Modrof and Deall Heafodgold he lived as ásnæsan (The Impaler). A despotic leader whose paranoia drove him to slaughter his own people in their thousands. In the darkest times bodies were displayed publicly, impaled on sharpened wooden stakes as evidence of his power and ruthlessness. But he was ultimately betrayed by his wife, who cut his throat as he slept beside her. Evil in life and ten-fold so in death he is raging with malice. Mangere bade him rise as the Wraith King and released him to terrorise the living at the head of a hundred lesser spirits, who kill for the joy of it.

Pack of 1 – Overall height 62mm
Miniatures are supplied as a kit of unpainted parts requiring assembly


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